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In these days of economic uncertainty, clients need specific help in many areas. When they engage an adviser, they expect that help, regardless of what is needed. Advisers today need to be able to address their clients’ specific needs—not just the ones that their software tools may address. To be sure that an adviser has the tool they need to help their clients, we are offering our “Take Five – pay for two” economic software bailout so that every adviser need not have to choose between various software tools, but can afford all the tools they need to serve all their clients.

One Solution for All Markets


We plan to make the offer available for a limited time, after which prices will return to their current level. We will maintain any license purchased under this offer to always renew at the special price, not to increase at more than the RPI annually, as long as the licenses are continually renewed. If the special license is stopped for any reason, then renewal will be at the then current prices. So advisers do not need to worry that they will get used to selling with the tools and then have the “special” prices increase by anything other than inflation.

To remind you of the qualities each of our five tools bring to this offer, click on View All Products and take a tour. And when you’re ready to proceed with our Suite Deal, Give us a call. That’s when you’ll find out more about the “PlanLab Experience”: web-based access to your planning tools from anywhere in the world. Unlimited free help, support and training. No minimum period contracts. Easy to get into, easy to get out of. And this one overbearing aim of ours: we want to help you get to where you want to go.


  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or greater
  • Connection to the internet
Per Month

Offer not valid once subscription is cancelled. Users must re-subscribe at the going rate.


This product sits on the Web-based PlanLab platform. The complete functionality of PlanLab comes in an easy-to-use, web-based package that requires little or no training to get started. Intuitive features in PlanLab make it easy to collect and analyze client data, motivate clients to action, and monitor their progress.

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration, please email or call 01743 248515.

Per Month

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